DISCLAIMER: This review is not sponsored. The Current has done its own independent research for this review.

After Pakistanis became candle crazy, different local companies started introducing their own scented candle lines as an alternative for people who were used to lugging candles from abroad to fulfill their candle needs. We tried four scented candles from different Pakistani brands to find which one has the most long-lasting smell.

Not taking how long the candle lasts or the type of smell into account, our only focus was, can you actually smell the candle for a long period of time. They rank as follows:



Aura, a natural, toxin-free skincare brand branched out into candles and we tried out their scented candle called Eden. Sadly, it didn’t smell of anything, despite being lit for a few hours. Sticking your nose close to the candle won’t help much either. It emits a faint scent of flowers (or are we imagining that?)

Price – Rs 700


YES, believe it or not, two local candle brands outranked the foreign candle giant, Bath and Body Works. We tried out their Fresh (spring blue skies) scent and although you can smell it (and it smells a lot like the men’s cologne Aqua Di Gio and should be a huge hit with the boys) it doesn’t beat the top two.

Rs 3900 (but if you get it from abroad, its usually on sale for half price)

2. Karachi Candle Company

We are very sure you thought the Karachi candles would win. We were surprised by the results too. As loyal Karachi candle company followers, we love their Motia Noir scent which took Karachi (and then other cities) by storm. It smells exactly of Karachi Jasmine nights and lingers and lasts for a long time.

Price – Rs 2000

1. Meem

A young company, we bought the candle on a whim, after hearing murmurs of how good their Mulberry scent was. It smells exactly like bubble gum and can fill an entire office space with its scent. Strong and powerful, Meem is not one for the weak and lives up to its promise. We can’t wait to try other scents from them.

Price – Rs 800 (small)