Pakistani farmers can now sell their vegetables directly to their potential buyers. A smartphone application has finally saved them from the ruthless discrimination of the middlemen in Sabzi mandi’s

Omar Majid Warraich, founder of Agrim@art has created a smartphone application, more than 700 farmers have already registered on it. Moreover, this platform was sponsored by Karandaaz, an investment platform sponsored by the bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The company launched in August last year, Agrim@art reported sales worth 5.5 million rupees ($36,000) in its first three months. They are predicting to have 2,000 farmers working with them by March 2020. Here is how this startup materialised into a viable business platform.


Warraich turned to National Incubation Center (NIC) to get help in the execution process of his idea. NIC is a public-private partnership based in Lahore that helps entrepreneurs in launching new businesses. They have launched a number of really successful startups.

Startups are certainly a game-changer for Pakistan. The widespread bribery, corruption, and an unfriendly regulatory environment is now being challenged with innovation. In addition, foreign investors are starting to take notice of the ultimate potential of our country.