There has been significant upheaval in the economy as a result of the new tax structure, rising inflation, and the power shortage.

The Samsung mobile factory, which is owned by Lucky Motors, experienced a similar situation when it had to lay off a number of employees because Pakistan was short on raw materials.

In addition to Samsung, there have also been reports of firing close to 1,000 workers at the Vivo mobile factory.


Lucky Motor Corporation was permitted by PTA to manufacture Samsung mobile devices in August 2021, which sounded like a great news in terms of job creation and GDP contribution, among other things.

In various economic sectors, each economic measure can have numerous impacts. As per economic theory, a nation’s high rate of inflation discourages investment since it makes it less certain that those investments will be lucrative. Humongous unemployment is being caused by this, along with an import ban and a recently implemented “super tax” in Pakistan.

Additionally, businesses like Careem and Airlift recently stopped operating in some sectors and let go of a number of employees.

In the year 2020, Careem fired 31 per cent of its workforce due to a pandemic. A number of the staff members at SVWL, Airlift, and Careem Food were let go in 2022. limited their operations or nearly shut down.