The Pakistani Rupee (PKR) is expected to rebound against the US dollar this week, with this revival contingent on the approval of the next tranche by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Last week, the PKR weakened by 1.78 rupees (0.6 per cent), closing at Rs280.57 against the US dollar, marking a second consecutive week of decline. On the last trading day, it reached a high of Rs280.5 and a low of Rs280.15 against the greenback.

In the open market, the rupee depreciated by 50 paisa, closing at Rs279.5 for buying and Rs292.8 for selling, compared to Rs279 and Rs282 a week ago.


The rupee’s decline is attributed to expectations of the IMF’s approval for the next $700 million tranche of its $3 billion loan. Geopolitical tensions in the Middle East and decreased export receipts have also played a role.

Despite hopes for recovery post-IMF approval, concerns linger about its long-term stability, with Goldman Sachs predicting a short-lived strong performance.

The rupee’s fate remains tied to the 280 level until the IMF’s decision. The upcoming weeks and months hold uncertainty amid global economic challenges and geopolitical issues.

Economists and financial experts are closely watching events, especially the IMF’s decision, which will significantly impact Pakistan’s economic stability as it strives to restore economic health and growth.