You guys remember the chai wala who went viral internationally after his pictures was shared in 2016 by a photographer Jiah Ali? He went overnight from opening a chai stall in Islamabad, to getting modelling contracts from fashion brands. And now, Arshad Khan is set to make a chai cafe in London, after fans from the UK had requested to taste the karak chai made by the maestro himself.

The official handle shared by Arshad’s instagram page is @chaiwalauk_ak, and he had shared a video of the design preps to set up the cafe.

The official website of the page shared that it was Arshad’s love of chai and his hard work that had led him to open three outlets in Pakistan, and now will be opening a cafe in London.


“Chai has been in his blood (considering the amount of chai that is consumed in South Asia, that could be true!) since he was a young boy – that is all he has seen, smelt and made. From a humble background to a handsome superstar chaiwala overnight, that’s quite some journey! He worked hard, stayed focus and did what he’s best at, which is making amazing chai.

‘Cafe Chaiwala Arshad Khan’ has 3 outlets in Pakistan and we are now bringing the first of many international outlets to the UK. Our cafe will immerse you in the traditional ambience with a fusion of culture and elegance. Here you will find a variety of chai with unique ingredients and great tasting food; there is something for everyone.”

The Instagram page also shared some videos of the cafe and honestly it warms our heart to witness the well deserved reward of a hard working man, who rose from being a street vendor to becoming an international star