The number of Palestinians killed in the Israeli onslaught has reached at least 5,087, the Health Ministry has confirmed, whereas 15,273 have been wounded.

In the past 24 hours alone, at least 436 people, including 182 children, were killed.

Israeli airstrikes hit areas around Gaza’s Al-Shifa and Al-Quds hospitals. WAFA reports that a number of missiles hit the area surrounding Al-Shifa Medical Complex where currently the largest number of wounded are being treated as well as the largest number of medical staff working in the Gaza strip.


The vicinity of Al-Quds Hospital, on the other hand, has been attacked for the second time.

Al Jazeera reports that as per Palestinian officials, Israel has been directly threatening hospitals with evacuation, bombings, or bombing nearby areas, and creating uncertainty in the healthcare system.

China’s call for ceasefire

China’s Middle East special representative has asserted to do “whatever is conducive” to encourage a dialogue to lead to ceasefire and peace in the Middle East.

China’s state media reported that Zhai Jun deemed the situation in Gaza as “very serious” and raised concerns over a potential escalation of conflict into the neighbouring countries, calling it “worrisome”.

China attended the Cairo peace committee and has been in communication with foreign ministers including from Palestine, Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Norway, as well as representatives from the UN and EU.

Zhai also mentioned that China has been helping with emergency humanitarian assistance to Palestinians through the UN and via bilateral channels to help alleviate the humanitarian crisis.

Two Hezbollah cells in Lebanon attacksTwo alleged Hezbollah cells in Lebanon were targeted by Israeli forces on Monday.

123 Palestinians detained in occupied West Bank

Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank have detained 123 Palestininas in the ongoing Israeli raids.40 people are said to be workers from the Gaza Strip.Israel, on the other hand, claims that 37 of the arrested are “Hamas members”.