An ancient bird’s feather has been auctioned for a whooping USD 28 thousand 365 (more than PKR 79 lakh).

The feather of the Huia bird of New Zealand has earned the title of the most expensive feather in the world. The bird was known for its chirping and had black and white stripes on its tail.

It was last seen in 1907, but scientists believe it went extinct in the 1920s.


However, on Monday, 116 years after the last confirmed sighting of the bird, the huia feather was sold at Webb’s Auction House in Auckland.

The auction house did not release details of the person who bought the feather, only saying that the person is from New Zealand.

The bird is an extinct species now and when it was put up for auction, it was expected to sell for $2,000 to $3,000.

Going beyond expectation, it broke the record of $8,400 that was set in 2010 that too with a bird’s feather.

The one that has been auctioned now weighs 9 grams and thus has become more valuable than gold because the price of one gram of gold is 127 dollars while the price of one gram of silver is 5169 dollars as per The Guardian.