‘Parey Hut Love’ is all about aesthetics


Of all the films releasing this Eid, Parey Hut Love was probably the most hyped. Everything about the film – cast, set, costumes, locations – was larger than life and the cast of the film promoted it to death. So much so that even if you weren’t interested in the film, you’d still want to see what it is all about.

Naturally, that raises expectations and that’s when things begin to go down. I entered the cinema excited and left the cinema deflated because the film did not match up to my expectations and what I had been promised.

To begin with, there was no story and half an hour into the film, I had figured out the plot. The entire film was just lots of beautiful wedding scenes put together with many of the scenes inspired by Bollywood movies. You will find references from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, Hum Tum and Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and even from the Hollywood film Dear Rosie. I personally felt the plot was heavily borrowed from Dear Rosie and Hum Tum.

None of the scenes flowed into the next and some of the scenes, like Mahira’s entry, were so abrupt that it took you a while to put things together and figure out what was going to happen.

Parey Hut Love belonged to Sheheryar and Sheheryar only. His character was the only one which was given attention while the rest of the movie was rushed. Sheheryar and Saniya’s love story was underwritten and this left you wanting more. Maya barely had any dialogues and she was a little more than a showpiece.

Zara Noor Abbas and Ahmed Ali Butt were wasted in the film and their roles were terribly written. Zara is a phenomenal actor and her comic timing is brilliant. I honestly felt upset with the way she was presented. I wish she had more screentime and her character had been more developed because she lit up the screen every time she came on. Also, why wasn’t her styling given the same amount of importance as Maya? While Maya breezed through the film in one gorgeous outfit after another, Zara’s outfits and looks were lazily done. The makeup was also a letdown – the lip colours were too light and the eyes heavily done. Maya is a stunning actor and she stole the screen in Teefa in Trouble. In Parey Hut Love not so much.

Zara looks totally out of place in this coral pink outfit

On the flip, the cinematography, especially the ariel shots, locations, costumes, sets were amazing because of which the film was aesthetically very pleasing. The songs were also beautiful. Kudos to Azaan Sami Khan for delivering one stellar track after another and to Nigah Jee for the brilliant choreography. Morey Saiyaan, Ik Pal and Haye Dil Bechara were a treat to watch and frankly the biggest takeaway from the film.

Shehryar Munawar has grown as an actor and honed his talent. He has also worked on his body and all his hard work showed in the film. Maya Ali could have done much better. Ahmed, Zara and Hina Dilapazeer gave some of the best moments from the film with their impeccable comedy.

The surface of Parey Hut Love was polished till it sparkled while little to no attention was paid to the core – the inside of the film was hollow.

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