After much chaos, drama in Lahore and Islamabad, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan’s arrest warrants in Toshakhana case were cancelled on Saturday by the Islamabad sessions court.

The hearing was adjourned till March 30 (Thursday) due to the turbulence and chaos witnessed today, with the judge ordering Imran to appear in personal capacity in the next hearing.

Imran Khan allowed to mark attendance in car

Prior to this, Khan arrived at the Islamabad Judicial Complex but didn’t go inside due to security concerns.


Amid unruly crowds and security concerns, the judge gave permission that Khan can mark his attendance while sitting in the car which he did and then left for Lahore.

After Lahore, clashes erupt in Islamabad

PTI supporters started throwing stones at the Islamabad police in the capital when Imran Khan made his way to court for a hearing of the Toshakhana case.

In the video, supporters carrying sticks can be seen attacking police cars.

‘Part of London plan’: Imran lashes out after police raids his Zaman Park residence

Khan lashed out at Punjab police for raiding his house in Zaman Park, Lahore.

“Meanwhile Punjab police have led an assault on my house in Zaman Park where Bushra Begum is alone,” he said in a tweet.

“Under what law are they doing this? This is part of London Plan where commitments were made to bring absconder Nawaz Sharif to power as quid pro quo for agreeing to one appointment.”

The operation is over, however, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah alleged that contraband was discovered at Khan’s residence

Police broke into the house in Zaman Park, Lahore, after claiming that they were fired at from inside the house. Using heavy machinery, police smashed the entrance of the house and entered into the premises.

Prime Minister (PM) Shehbaz Sharif, in a tweet, accused Khan of using people as human shields.

He said that “from using people as human shields to throwing petrol bombs at police to leading ‘jathas’ to intimidate judiciary, he has taken a leaf out of the RSS book.”

Where is Bushra Bibi?

Later in the evening, Khan’s sister came forward to give her side of the story of the unfolding situation after police raided her brother’s house in Zaman Park.

She said that Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi is still inside the house in Zaman Park.

Khan’s sister said that police aggressively broke into Khan’s house and they even took away some children who were present at home at the time.

‘Inhon ne pura plan banaya huva hai mujhe arrest karne ka’: Imran Khan

Earlier in the day, when Imran was en route to Islamabad, he claimed that he is aware that the government will arrest him.

“I am going to court despite knowing they’ll arrest me because I believe in the rule of law.”

He mentioned being delayed due to an accident and claimed that a premeditated plan to arrest him is in place, alleging that it is part of a larger “London Plan” orchestrated by former PM Nawaz Sharif.

In line with PTI’s insistence that Khan’s life is in danger and he needs security, Islamabad Chief Commissioner shifted the hearing from F-8 Court Complex to the Judicial Complex in G-11.