Pashto folk singer Zarsanga Bibi is reportedly living in a tent along with over 200 family members after the culture department took back her official residence in Kohat district.

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Popularly referred to as the ‘melody queen’, Zarsanga Bibi has requested for help and demanded the culture department to provide her with a residence so that she can live the last years of her life in peace, comfort and dignity.



Zarsanga Bibi said that the current pandemic has worsened living conditions for her and her family, forcing her to beg.

According to details, the singer and her sons have rented a shop in Kohat Bazaar where they have kept over 2,500 awards, certificates and medals of the singer.

“I appeal to President Dr Arif Alvi and Prime Minister Imran Khan to take notice of my miserable plight. I just want a piece of plot where I could feel proud that my contributions fetched me at least a state given shelter. I at this stage and age have no other wish,” said Zarsanga.

She said that she had rejected offers from Afghanistan and several other countries, saying that she only worked for Pakistan and that her country has been her identity and she would live and die with it. She added that she would never leave Pakistan despite her current situation and the disappointing attitude of relevant authorities.

“I have over 200 sons and daughters and grandchildren and they all depend on me,” says Zarsanga Bibi. “The government had allotted me an official residence in Kohat for two years and on termination the specified time, I along with my extended family was forced to live once again in the tents in the open air where we have to pay Rs15, 000 as rent to the owner of the land.”

Shahzada, the elder son of the living legend, said that his mother was suffering from chest infection and had other multiple health complaints. He said that despite multiple appeals and requests, no official responded to his family sufferings.