The dreams of a few officials who wanted to visit America under the guise of the T20 World Cup have been dashed.

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) officials have banned unnecessary visits.

According to Express sources, PCB officials will no longer be able to make unnecessary trips for free after Chairman Mohsin Naqvi banned the practice. This will be applied both internally and abroad.


The board used to spend a lot of money on travel and stay and also had to bear losses in terms of allowances but when the matter came to the notice of the chairman, he took action.

On the other hand, sources further claimed that the process of changes in PCB is not over yet but will start again soon. The Chairman now has an idea of the performance of most of the top officials and wants to make appointments based on merit.

Some officials also came into light who do not work much but apparently it was done as if the board was running on their bill. Preparations have started to send such people home. Pakistan Super League (PSL) franchises have also complained to the PCB.