The Pakistan Cricket Board has suspended three women cricketers for one match for brawling during the women’s national cricket championship.

According to the ARY sources, during the national cricket championship, the players of the national women’s team got into a fight, two players beat up the third teammate in the hotel.

Both women players beat the third cricketer so much that his nose bled, however, the battered cricketer did not open her mouth for two matches.


After the matter became unbearable, the said cricketer informed the administration of the cruelty done to him, after which the board administration banned the three players for one match each instead of taking major action.

After the ban, Sadaf, Yusrah, and Ayesha could not play Friday’s match.

On the other hand, according to the board, the chairperson women’s cricket will reach Rawalpindi to investigate the matter. It should be noted that the Pakistan Women’s Cricket Championship is being played in Rawalpindi.