A twitter user named Abdullah Shahid took to Twitter to crowdfund for his Masters in Fine Arts (MFA) degree at New York University.

“Hello friends, after much deliberation, I’ve decided to try and crowdfund for the degree. I’ve made a GoFundMe and an IndieGogo (for people in Pakistan who might want to donate) and would really appreciate retweets and sharing w people! Thank you all,” he wrote in a tweet.

“My name is Abdullah and I was recently accepted into the prestigious New York University’s Grad Film MFA program. Something that I would not have thought possible in my wildest dreams but I need your help to make this dream into a reality,” his Go Fund Me me introduction read.
He has set a goal of collecting $51,500 on Go Fund Me.


Many twitter users criticised him for raising funds for a film degree. However, Abdullah got more supporters than critics, receiving positive feedback from scores of people.

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