Speaker of the National Assembly (NA) Raja Pervez Ashraf has taken a strong stance against what he has termed “interference” by the Supreme Court in the affairs of the parliament.

In an interview, the Speaker said that if the Parliament is restricted to legislating only what the Supreme Court wants, then what is the need for elections.

Ashraf said that “[the superior judiciary] should take over the legislative business if parliament’s lawmaking authority is unacceptable.”


He also warned the top court against intruding in the parliament’s domain, saying “others will also try to enter your domain”.

He asserted that parliamentarians themselves should resolve all political matters in the parliament or at any other forum on their own.

Referring to alleged differences between Supreme Court judges, the former Prime Minister (PM) said: “Division in politics is necessary, but division in Supreme Court is dangerous.” He said the Supreme Court can’t function if it is divided.