Ahead of the much-anticipated federal budget for 2023-24, set to be announced on June 9, the government is planning to alleviate the burden of inflation by reducing the prices of petroleum products, according to industry officials.

Starting from June 1, it is expected that the price of petrol will decrease by Rs10 per litre due to a decline in the ex-refinery price. Industry insiders have revealed that the ex-refinery price of petrol is projected to decrease by Rs10-12 over the next two weeks. However, due to exchange rate adjustments, the government will likely pass on relief of up to Rs10 per litre to consumers.

Furthermore, industry officials have indicated that the ex-refinery price of diesel is showing a decline of Rs4-5 per litre in the next review. The government may incorporate this decrease during the upcoming fortnightly review, offering relief to diesel consumers.


According to The News, in the previous price review, the government implemented a substantial reduction of Rs30 in the price of diesel. This resulted in a decrease from Rs288 to Rs258 per litre. Similarly, the price of petrol was slashed by Rs12, dropping from Rs282 to Rs270 per litre.

These measures are aimed at mitigating the impact of rising prices on the general public and easing the financial burden faced by individuals as the government prepares to present the federal budget for the upcoming fiscal year.