The Head of Human Resource (HR) at Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) dismissed media reports about the airline’s poor financial condition and potential closure. He stated, “It will happen only over our dead bodies.” 

These comments came during a meeting with the Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Aviation, Hidayatullah, who had noticed a senior PIA director’s statement about possible closure within 15 days.

Hidayatullah initiated an investigation and mandated that only the airline’s spokesperson or PR department should communicate with the media.


A private TV channel had reported concerns about flight operations being suspended by September 15 without emergency funds.

During the meeting, the HR chief presented an overview of PIA employees, including qualifications, experience, and positions, with a focus on Group IV and above.

According to Dawn, the committee members stressed their preference for hiring native Pakistanis for overseas roles. The HR chief highlighted the predominance of Pakistani-origin staff in such positions. 

Performance evaluations for UK-based employees were discussed to ensure fair assessments.

Furthermore, the HR chief disclosed the dismissal of two employees in Saudi Arabia due to fake degrees, with another under scrutiny. He assured me that all cases were being closely monitored.