Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) faced another setback as one of its Boeing 777 aircraft was once again seized at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport over an ongoing lease dispute. The incident marks the second time this specific aircraft has been halted in Malaysia due to payment issues.

The aircraft, bearing the registration number BMH, was acquired by PIA on lease from Malaysia. However, the lease dispute resurfaced, and the airline was unable to settle outstanding dues amounting to $4 million. Subsequently, a local court ordered the seizure of the PIA plane upon receiving the company’s request.

According to ARY News, this is not the first instance in which the national carrier of Pakistan has encountered such a predicament in Malaysia. In 2021, the same Boeing 777 was seized by authorities at the Kuala Lumpur airport due to non-payment of dues. The situation was resolved after diplomatic assurances were given, leading to the release of the aircraft.


Following the recent seizure, the PIA plane was eventually released and safely returned to Pakistan on January 27, accompanied by 173 passengers and crew members. However, the lease dispute appears to have persisted, resulting in the aircraft being seized once again in Malaysia.

The ongoing lease dispute poses significant challenges for Pakistan International Airlines, as it impacts their operations and raises concerns about the financial stability of the airline. PIA authorities have yet to comment on the recent seizure and the steps they plan to take to resolve the dispute.

The incident highlights the importance of maintaining robust lease agreements and ensuring timely payment of dues to avoid disruptions in international aviation operations. Both PIA and Malaysia will likely engage in further negotiations to find a resolution to the long-standing lease dispute and prevent any future incidents that could tarnish the airline’s reputation.

As of now, travelers and stakeholders eagerly await updates from Pakistan International Airlines regarding the situation and hope for a swift resolution to the lease dispute, allowing the airline to resume its operations smoothly.