Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight from Manchester to Islamabad turned into a trash bin by the inconsiderate conduct of passengers. The return flight was delayed as the entire plane was littered with leftovers and rubbish. The cabin crew took four hours to do deep-cleaning, reports Dawn news.

The littered plane caught attention when the images of its condition were circulated all over social media. PIA spokesperson also shared his discontent over passengers’ reckless behavior of throwing trash all around the plane.


“Passengers usually remain careful and behave well when they are onboard the flights operated by foreign airlines, but unfortunately, they don’t do so while onboard a PIA flight,” said the airline spokesperson.


A ground staffer of the airline said that the unruly attitude of passengers on the plane was not the first unusual incident, they have had to face. It often happens during United Kingdom (UK)-Islamabad flights.