Late Tuesday night, a technical malfunction on Google Search caused a momentary panic among investors and observers as the value of the US dollar plunged in comparison to the Pakistani rupee.

The unexpected drop to Rs186.73 bewildered many, especially considering that the local currency hadn’t experienced a significant rebound recently.

It was later discovered that the decline in currency exchange rates was a result of a technical problem with the search engine on the website, leading to a temporary plummet in the rates.


This incident is not the first of its kind and has occurred multiple times in the past, leaving users puzzled by massive declines in dollar rates.

The glitch and its impact

On Tuesday, June 6, the interbank market closed with the Pakistani rupee at Rs286.56 against the US dollar, while it remained above Rs300 in the open market. However, due to the technical glitch on Google Search, the rates displayed on the platform inaccurately dropped to Rs186.73.

The sudden decline surprised and concerned individuals who were monitoring the exchange rates, as it deviated significantly from the prevailing values. Fortunately, the issue was promptly identified and rectified, restoring the rates to Rs286.72.

Recurring glitches on Google Search

This incident marks yet another occurrence of a glitch affecting the world’s largest search engine and impacting currency exchange rates. In July of the previous year, the rates displayed on Google Search had crashed to Rs207.10, a stark contrast to the rates issued by the State Bank of Pakistan.

According to the central bank, the rupee had closed at 236.02 against the US dollar in the interbank market. The repetition of such glitches raises concerns about the accuracy and reliability of the information provided by Google Search in matters of global financial significance.

User Reactions and Social Media Response: The recent glitch on Google Search didn’t go unnoticed by users, with several individuals taking to Twitter to highlight the issue. One user tweeted, “Last night, the dollar crashed on Google,” emphasising the impact the technical malfunction had on the perceived value of the US dollar.

Such reactions on social media platforms highlight the widespread reliance on search engines for real-time financial data and the potential consequences of inaccuracies caused by technical glitches.

While the glitch was rectified, it highlights the recurring nature of such incidents on the world’s largest search engine, casting doubts on the accuracy of the financial information provided.

As reliance on search engines for real-time data increases, it becomes imperative for platforms like Google to ensure the reliability and integrity of the information they display to prevent unwarranted panic or misinformation in the financial markets.