In a notable financial trend, the Pakistani rupee (PKR) sustained its positive trajectory against the US dollar (USD) for the eighth consecutive session, witnessing a 0.04 per cent appreciation in the interbank market on Thursday.

According to the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), the rupee concluded at Rs282.79 after experiencing a rise of Re0.11.

The preceding day saw a slight uptick in the PKR’s value, settling at Rs282.9 against the US dollar. 


A significant development unfolded as the government successfully secured a historic amount of Rs397 billion ($1.4 billion) in Wednesday’s local currency bond auction. 

This achievement surpassed expectations, marking the highest borrowing in years within a single auction, showcasing sustained market interest even as December draws to a close.

The substantial participation of investors underscores their confidence in long-term bonds, fueled by the anticipation of an early 2024 rate cut. 

The government strategically opted for long-term borrowing in response, effectively mitigating rollover risks and minimisingreliance on short-term funding in the future.

On the global front, the US dollar regained strength on Thursday, prompted by a sudden end to a robust rally for US stocks, compelling investors to seek safety. 

In the final hour of equities trade on Wall Street, heavy selling induced a ripple of risk aversion through markets, lifting the previously under-pressure greenback from lows.

As of early Asia trade on Thursday, the dollar index, which is down 1 per cent for the year so far, remained steady at 102.37. 

In a comparison with major currencies, the Pakistani currency strengthened by 69.15 paisa against the Euro, concluding at Rs309.57 as opposed to the previous rate of Rs310.26. 

The British Pound saw a reduction in value of 79.58 paisa, settling at Rs357.41 in comparison to the previous day’s Rs358.21.

However, PKR experienced a slight decline of 0.38 paisa against the Japanese yen, closing at Rs1.974 as compared to the previous day’s rate of Rs1.97. 

The Saudi Riyal concluded at Rs75.38, registering a decrease of 1.15 paisa from its value of Rs75.39 a day ago. 

Similarly, the UAE Dirham witnessed a decrease in value of 2.81 paisa, shifting from Rs77.027 the previous day to Rs76.999.

Meanwhile, oil prices, a crucial indicator of currency parity, experienced a decline on Thursday due to concerns over low demand following an unexpected US crude inventory build, outweighing apprehensions about global trade disruptions linked to tensions in the Middle East. 

Brent crude futures dropped by 3 cents to $79.67 a barrel, while US West Texas Intermediate crude stood at $74.16 a barrel, reflecting a 6-cent decrease.