In a continued trend, the Pakistani rupee exhibited resilience against the US dollar, marking its sixth consecutive session of appreciation with a marginal uptick of 0.03 per cent in the inter-bank market on Wednesday. 

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) reported a settlement at Rs281.13, reflecting an increase of Re0.09.

This positive momentum follows Tuesday’s marginal gain when the rupee settled at Rs281.22 against the US dollar. 


Against major currencies, the Pakistani rupee demonstrated notable strength, gaining 94.44 paisa against the Euro, closing at Rs307.16 compared to the previous value of Rs308.11.

The British Pound observed a decrease of Rs1.38, closing at Rs356.98 in contrast to the previous day’s rate of Rs358.36. 

Similarly, the Swiss franc experienced losses of Rs1.86, closing at Rs329.85 compared to Rs331.71 from the preceding session.