Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan, during a ceremony held to approve the Rs100 billion in the Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar initiative on Friday, said that he was happy to see that banks have now started to converse in Urdu with their customers.

“Banks have started talking to customers in Urdu, so now make the staff wear shalwar kameez [national dress of Pakistan], this will not frighten the people,” said PM Khan.

“There were several hurdles earlier, as when a common person would go to the bank, they would suffer from anxiety,” said the premier, adding, “I see Pakistan now moving in the direction it should have been headed in a long time ago.”



“Pakistanis who worked as labourers overseas had one dream — to build a house for themselves and their families,” the prime minister said, regretting that past governments did not pay heed to this issue.

PM Khan said that past governments did not focus on the lower classes as they had only paid attention to the elite in every sector — education, health, and other facilities.

PM Imran Khan said this project would lift Pakistan’s economy, as construction of homes would increase.