Prime Minister (PM) Shehbaz Sharif announced on Friday that the government intended to encourage the use of electric vehicles in the nation and would set up a network of the necessary charging infrastructure.

The PM gave the departments involved the go-ahead to provide him with a thorough plan as soon as possible in this regard.

According to APP, Shehbaz Sharif also directed that the Board of Investment, the Ministry of Power and Energy, and the Ministry of Trade and Industries provide every opportunity to investors interested in the market for electric vehicles.



A high-level meeting on the employment of electric buses in the fleet of public transportation, the promotion of the electric vehicle industry, and alternative energy sources was presided over by him.

The prime minister underlined the urgent necessity to develop renewable energy sources in order to make the nation energy self-sufficient.

He noted that the government has recently approved the start of a 10,000-megawatt solar project.

He said that the solar project would not only lessen environmental pollution but also secure the production of inexpensive power by reducing reliance on pricey imported fuel, saving significant foreign currency.

The forum heard updates on the growing use of electric vehicles around the world as well as plans for electric buses for public transportation.

It was advised that the growth of the electric car sector and infrastructure will greatly reduce the nation’s import costs while also creating prospects for international investment and employment.