Punjab Health Department has shared that 1,777 new cases of pneumonia were reported in the province within 24 hours, while 12 children also died due to the disease.

According to the Health Department, 11, 597 children were affected by pneumonia in the first 24 days of the year 2024 in Punjab whereas 251 children were affected by pneumonia in 24 hours in Lahore only. 220 deaths from pneumonia have also been reported in Punjab in the last 24 days, reports Geo.

Director of Immunization Dr. Mukhtar said that pneumonia is spreading in Punjab, adding that the pneumonia vaccine is not effective in viral outbreaks even though there is plenty of vaccine available. However, there is only one pneumonia vaccine for children and adults. He emphasized that pneumonia vaccine is not available in the general market; no pharmacy can order pneumonia vaccine from abroad without the permission of the government, which only orders vaccines for children under immunization.