Police have arrested a man who tried to kidnap children in Lahore by giving them candies after the locals complained about him.

As per reports, the police were alerted by locals when a man in the city’s Hanjarwal neighbourhood attempted to kidnap two children from their school by tempting them with candies. As the kidnapper walked away, the residents of the area found him suspicious and called police on him.

Police later arrested the man and recovered both the children from him. The kids were returned safely to their parents.


How to keep your child safe from strangers?

Teach your kids that adults don’t need help from kids

If an adult need help to find a place or anything else, they should be seeking help from another adult, not a child.

Educate your child about the law 

Kids should know that no one has the right to touch their private parts or to ask children to touch theirs because it’s against the law. Also, tell them that threatening a child is also illegal. Kids need to be told that adults who do this will be punished.

Tell your child that it’s OK to scream, and say no to an adult if they feel uncomfortable or scared

We teach children to listen, be obedient and respect the elders but there are times when they should disobey and be loud. Teach them that if someone tries to take them forcefully they must say no, scream and run away.

 Have a code word phrase

This is a phrase that you would teach your children and that will be a secret between you, your kid and some other trusted members. They should speak that code phrase whenever someone tries to behave strangely with them. Make it something funny or personal so it’s easy for the kids to remember. Also, a child should only go with someone who tells them that phrase.

Look for a mother with kids

Tell your kids to find a mother with kids or an officer in the uniform if they get lost somehwere. A shopkeeper at a counter is also safe. Tell them to find someone where they can more people.