Caretaker Chief Minister (CM) of Punjab Mohsin Naqvi has said in a press conference that he has given a “free hand” to the police to establish the writ of the state in the province.

“We told the policemen this morning that you can do what you want to do to establish the writ of the government. If anyone challenges the police, they will break their hand,” warned Naqvi in the press conference.

Naqvi said he had given the provincial police chief full powers so that he could do what he deemed appropriate. “I won’t interfere,” he added.



He further said that no political party reacted the way Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) did during its protest. “In every condition, we have to establish the writ of the government.”

Criticising PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s conduct, Naqvi said that if he did not trust the police, the security that is provided could be withdrawn.

Naqvi added that police personnel could not offer protection to someone who verbally abuses them at night and expects the same force to safeguard them.

“I assured them that if anyone resorts to violence, they will get a stern reply. Political activity is your right but no one can react this aggressively,” he said while referring to the protesters.

He added that the “terrorism” PTI was doing is not something that political workers do.

“They are terrorists. A joint investigation team will be formed and a notification will be issued by evening,” said the CM. He also added that the caretaker government is writing a letter to the Election Commission of Pakistan sharing details about what had been happening in the province.