Police were found to be on the top rung of the corruption ladder in Pakistan, according to Transparency International Pakistan’s (TIP) National Corruption Perception Survey (NCPS).

The police ranked the highest in the previous year’s survey as well.

According to Geo, education was identified as the “most corrupt” sector in Sindh, followed by the police and tendering and contracting, according to a provincial analysis of the three “most corrupt” sectors.


In Punjab, the police once more took first place, followed by tendering and contracting and the courts.

The judiciary was thought to be the most corrupt institution in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, with the police coming in second and tendering and contracting coming in third.

In Balochistan, contracting and tendering claimed the top spots, with the judiciary and police coming in second and third, respectively.

The 2022 survey was given to partner organisations by TI Pakistan’s chairman, Justice (retd) Zia Pervez, with the aim of boosting the NCPS’s legitimacy and educating partner organisations on public survey processes.

He hoped that other government agencies would use the survey’s findings to implement reforms.

“This will help in reducing corruption and making the lives of the public a little better,” he said.