In a recent X storm, a debate erupted over the issue of post-Nikkah living arrangements.

An X (formerly Twitter) user asserted that if a girl demands that her husband gets her a separate house after nikkah, it is her right to do so.

Lo and behold, the post sparked reactions, with opinions sharply divided.


Another user, while acknowledging the importance of discussing living arrangements before Nikkah, expressed concern over the notion of leaving behind the husband’s elderly parents, suggesting it could be unfair, especially when they are in need of help in old age.

She also reflected on the generational differences in mindset, expressing a sense of apprehensiveness about the younger generation – Gen Z.

This was interjected with sarcasm as another user, pointing at the fact that women, too, have parents that they leave behind, said— it is not that they are raised by “wolves”.

This remark highlighted the underlying tensions and biases surrounding traditional gender roles and societal expectations placed on women.

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