Images of women have been covered up or vandalised on storefronts around Kabul, AFP has reported.

One of the salons in Kabul has been whitewashed to cover up advertisements pasted on its outdoor walls, showing the faces of smiling women in bridal regalia.

Another shuttered salon, spotted on Tuesday as a Taliban fighter patrolled the street outside with an assault rifle slung over his shoulder, had its walls defaced with black spray paint to conceal the visages of its models.


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“The Islamic Emirate is committed to the rights of women within the framework of the Sharia. Our sisters, our women will have the same rights and will be able to benefit from them,” Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said on Tuesday.

“They can have activities in different sectors and areas on the basis of our rules and regulations — in education, health, and other areas,” he said, adding that they will “work with us shoulder-to-shoulder”.

Terrifying stories of mistreatment of women in Afghanistan are being discussed on social media and are also being reported by news outlets ever since the Taliban started gaining control of Afghanistan two months ago.