Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) on Wednesday decided to distance itself from Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) on the defamation bill 2024, SAMAA has reported.

PPP leader Ali Haider Gillani has said that “The PPP was not taken on board over the defamation bill. The PPP has never wanted to become a part of the defamation bill.”

Gilani said that party lawmakers were absent during the bill’s approval.


“It was the directive of the party leadership for the lawmakers to remain absent during the bill’s approval,” said Gilani.

Earlier, a few days ago, the Punjab government had proposed the defamation bill 2024 in the Punjab Assembly, which was criticised by masses across the country.

Punjab Information Minister, Azma Bukhari, said on Wednesday, while addressing a press conference, that “Now, nobody will be allowed to insult others on social media. The affected person can file an application through the tribunal. The defamation case will have to wrap up within 180 days.”

“Three proceedings will be held in 21 days,” she said.

She said, “There is a dire need to end the process of hurling allegations against each other.”