Several Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) members of the National Assembly (MNA) including Abdul Qadir Mandokhel, in a joint statement, said, “[Prime Minister] Imran Khan’s government is [hell]bent on [carrying out] terrorism” and planning to attack Sindh House.

The members claimed they have information that Islamabad police and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)’s Tiger Force are planning the “assault”. The parliamentarians, further said that if any harm comes to Sindh House’s facilities or to their members then the government would be responsible for it.

While referring to Parliament Lodges’ operation by capital police last week, the lawmakers said they had asked the Sindh police for protection because the capital police had “illegally raided and endangered the lives of people”.


However, the government claimed the Opposition had detained some of their lawmakers at Sindh House ahead of the vote on the no-confidence resolution against PM Khan.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed said that no one is taking any action against anyone right now. “The time is far away”, he said.


“There are some people in Sindh House. They have called in 300-400 policemen. No problem. There are many days left,” the interior minister added.

Earlier this week, PM Khan had said that Opposition leaders are sitting in Sindh House with “heaps of money” to purchase loyalties of their lawmakers.