Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has made a decisive move in selecting former Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani as its nominee for the position of Senate chairman.

Gilani, who recently resigned from the Senate and subsequently took oath as a member of the National Assembly, has emerged as the party’s top choice for the role of Chairman Senate.

Despite the resignation, PPP leadership remains steadfast in their decision regarding Gilani’s candidacy for the Senate chairmanship, according to a report by The News on Saturday.


The Bilawal Bhutto-led party is actively consulting its legal and political experts to determine the most appropriate path for Gilani’s re-election to the Senate.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has scheduled Senate by-elections for March 14 to fill vacant seats, but the timetable for the upcoming main Senate elections, due to the retirement of half the senators on March 11, has not yet been announced.

PPP insiders reveal that the party’s legal team is weighing the options available for Gilani’s return to the Senate, whether through the by-election or the subsequent Senate elections for a six-year term.

The final decision, expected within a day or two, will hinge on the advice of PPP lawyers, who will obtain nomination papers for the Senate by-election on the seat vacated by Gilani.

If approved by the party leadership, Gilani will file his nomination for the Senate by-election from Islamabad, the constituency he won after resigning from the Senate.

However, this course of action may change if PPP leadership opts for Gilani to contest the main Senate elections instead.

Sources within the PPP also indicate that Gilani remains a top contender for the Senate chairman position, with details of his candidacy finalized in coordination with the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N). Gilani has entrusted the decision to PPP’s top leadership.

If elected as Senate chairman, Gilani would achieve a unique distinction, having served in the top three constitutional posts in the country: Speaker of the National Assembly, Prime Minister of Pakistan, and Chairman of the Senate.

While Gilani previously contested the Senate chairman election in 2021, he narrowly missed out on victory after seven of his votes were deemed invalid, leading to the election of Senator Sadiq Sanjrani as Senate chairman.

He won the seat of the National Assembly in general elections which was contested by his rival. On February 11, after the recount in National Assembly constituency NA-148, the number of votes obtained by the former PM increased.

Upon the request of Independent candidate Barrister Taimur Malik, the process of verification of Form 45 was carried out in the RO office.
Resultantly, Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani secured victory with 67,377 votes, while Taimur Malik remained runner-up with 67,047 votes. According to Form 47, Gilani had defeated Taimur Malik by a lead of 293 votes previously in the first count. After recounting, Gilani’s lead increased to 330 votes.