Since Prince Harry made public his feud with brother Prince William and his wife Princess Kate over what he said was their reluctance to accept Meghan Markle, reports reveal that the two brothers are no longer on speaking terms with each other. However, it seems like Princess Kate has been doing her best behind the scenes to ensure that the two brothers can resolve their differences and become good friends like they were before.

Royal author Robert Jobson revealed to The Express that King Charles III is desperate to meet his grand children, and Kate has been making her best efforts to ensure that the situation is ressolved:

“I’m not sure how much dialogue there is with William and Harry, at the moment, I think the only person that is helping the situation is Catherine, who is doing a brilliant job. First of all when the king wants to see his grandchildren, for example, it’s important to say that a lot of it has been through Catherine. But William and Harry, it’s a difficult one. I think as brothers they are more likely to get on the phone and have a conversation.”


Jobson added:

“It’s quite possible that one of them might pick up the phone to have a rant, but who’s gonna pick up the phone on the other end? Because that’s not gonna achieve anything. There’s also a lot of lack of trust. At the moment between all the members of the family and Harry about where this information is going, because a lot of stuff has appeared in print by him.”

The two brothers have reportedly zero communication with one another, a report by The Express claims. A few days ago the royal family website removed Prince Harry’s titles from their website, proving that Harry was no longer invited to the royal inner circle.

Jobson saif that Harry had made enemies with Queen Camilla, and that King Charles III was allowing the ‘dust to settle’:

“There is zero communication between father and second son, he has made enemies of William and Camilla, even Catherine. If Harry was in any doubt he was out, that website update has left him in no doubt. The move to strip them – or technically not allow usage of – the Sussex title was right. It wasn’t vindictive, just clear, proper ands right – if a little slow, but that’s the palace for you and all this ‘new fangled technology’.”