Priyanka Chopra, in her memoir Unfinished, has reportedly talked about tense Indo-Pak relations and has hoped that things would improve between the two countries.

BBC Asian Network journalist Haroon Rashid, who recently posted a teaser of his upcoming podcast with the actor, while responding to a social media user who asked if he asked Priyanka about her comments on the February 27 Balakot incident, said: “She talks in her book about her hopes for harmony between India and Pakistan giving a lovely anecdote of how a Pakistani British Airways agent gave her parents a seat on a flight when they really needed it.”

“She said she hoped the countries could share such warm exchanges always.”


“And you’ll have to find out if I ask her more on her increasing public silence when the full interview releases,” he added.

Haroon further shared that Priyanka in the podcast talks about “lack of opportunities for South Asians in Hollywood” and “how important her humanitarian work is to her.”

Earlier, in July 2019, Priyanka had sparked outrage with her response to a Pakistani woman Ayesha Malik, who had called her a hypocrite for “encouraging nuclear war against Pakistan”.

“So it was kind of hard hearing you talk about humanity because as your neighbour, a Pakistani, I know you’re a bit of a hypocrite,” Malik can be heard saying in the video widely circulated on social media. “You tweeted on February 26, ‘Jai Hind #IndianArmedForces.’”

Malik continued, “You are a UNICEF ambassador for peace and you’re encouraging nuclear war against Pakistan. There’s no winner in this. As a Pakistani, millions of people like me have supported you in your business of Bollywood and you wanted nuclear war.”

However, the microphone was taken away from Malik before she could make any further comments.

Priyanka had started off her response by saying “Whenever you’re done venting… got it, done? Okay, cool.”

“So, I have many, many friends from Pakistan and I am from India, and war is not something that I am really fond of but I am patriotic. So, I’m sorry if I hurt sentiments to people who do love me and have loved me, but I think that all of us have a sort of middle ground that we all have to walk, just like you probably do as well,” she continued.

“The way you came at me right now?” Chopra had remarked. “Girl, don’t yell. We’re all here for love. Don’t yell. Don’t embarrass yourself. But we all walk that middle ground, but thank you for your enthusiasm and your question and your voice.”

Priyanka’s memoir Unfinished, which released on February 9, has become a bestseller, trending in both India and the United States.