The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is holding a jalsa at the Parade Ground tomorrow (Sunday) in Islamabad. The party leadership is expecting a huge crowd in the power show.

To accommodate the people travelling from Lahore and Karachi, the ruling party has booked special trains in advance. A train will leave from Karachi today and will reach Lahore tomorrow around 03:30am and after half an hour, the train will leave and will reach Islamabad around 09:30am on Sunday. Another train will leave from Lahore around 04:30am on Sunday. Trains will also take back passengers tomorrow night.

State-owned news channel, Pakistan Television (PTV) News, shared pictures and videos of people travelling from Gilgit-Baltistan for PTI’s public gathering on Twitter.



PTV News also shared a special message from Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan regarding the jalsa. In the video message, PM Khan is calling people to join him in Islamabad on March 27.

PTI has also hired DJ Butt for thejalsa. “DJ Butt will be in action in our historic public gathering on Sunday,” said PTI regional president MNA Ali Nawaz Awan.

PTI leadership is expecting one million people in Islamabad. Following the Supreme Court’s order prohibiting political parties from entering the Red Zone, PTI relocated its planned March 27 power show in Islamabad from D-Chowk to Parade Ground.