Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s women wing held a press conference on Monday at the KPK House, Islamabad. During this press conference, while criticising the current government, PTI women wing president Kanwal Shauzab and Maleeka Bokhari announced that Imran Khan did not go to D-Chowk on May 25 because the government had allegedly planned to kill a large number of protesters. To back up this conspiracy, they also showed a video clip to the audience which showed tear gas attack.

While they claimed that the video shows Shehbaz Sharif government attacking PTI’s women political workers. When someone in the audience pointed out that this is an old video, Kanwal Shauzab replied that because it is old, there is not as much smoke.

The shared video clip is from 2021 when during Imran Khan’s government, the law enforcement attacked the civil servants’ protest at D Chowk and subjected the protesters to severe teargas shelling.


Several PTI workers and supporters shared a video clip on Twitter and have been corrected by journalists, politicians belonging to the Opposition and other social media users, some examples can be seen here, here, here, here and here.