The South Korean gaming studio ‘Krafton’, who is also the developer of PUBG, has recently announced a partnership with a blockchain company ‘Solana Labs’ for the development, design, and marketing of NFT-based games and services.

Solana Labs is also the developer of Solana blockchain, an Ethereum-competitor designed to offer fast transaction speeds at a lower cost.

The partnership comes a month after Krafton announced its plans to step into the world of blockchain gaming and said that it would be working with Naver Z to launch a new Web 3.0 and non-fungible token (NFT) project aimed at building a proper NFT metaverse platform.


The important context for these deals can be Krafton’s share price, which have considerably dropped in 2022 due to tough competition from Chinese rivals, who are pouring into South Korea following a crackdown from regulators in Beijing.

As a result, Korean developers are reportedly racing to develop ‘play-to-earn’ games, comprising blockchain technology to shore up revenue.

The South Korean studio has not announced which of its games might see the addition of blockchain functionality or whether it will be offered in the PUBG series. Undoubtedly, the addition of NFTs in PUBG can double its popularity and earnings with attracting more players.