A video of an incident shows three girls forcing their classmate to the ground, then sitting on her back. One of the girls can be seen pulling the victim’s hair and swearing at her while making her apologise. On Friday, a first information report (FIR) was registered on the complaint of the victim’s father Imran Younis, who stated that his daughter was studying in Scarsdale American International School in Lahore.

The incident was triggering, but what was more alarming to witness was how everyone jumped on the punishment bandwagon. Yes, what we all witnessed was rather a sad and scary face of our society and teenagers being violent. But how does that take away from the fact that all the girls in the video are minors. And there is a way to deal with it. The first step for parents is to tell their children what is right and what is wrong. The second is for children to realise that if they are given freedom, it doesn’t mean they can hurt others in the name of being cool and resort to violence. Nothing justifies violence and bullying.

This incident reminds us how little space for correction and repentance we give to others. The school must take action against all those involved in this shocking incident of bullying and violence. This one incident should act as an eye-opener for all. The parents and schools really need to reflect on what it is that they are teaching their kids. This should not be made an act of revenge or seeking violence. This should be taken as an example of what should not be done. The reaction from various classes of our society has been a shocking cry for help.


We hope both the parents and schools rather than instilling values of crushing competition, power and the continuous race to be on the top, teach inclusivity, kindness, anti-bullying practices, encourage healthy debate, and much more.