Following a seizure during an operation in the provincial metropolis on Thursday, the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has burned 200 kilogrammes of dead animal meat at PAMCO Furnace in accordance with environmental policy.

As the Provincial Food Act was violated, the PFA reported the offender, Salik Ali (supplier), to the local police station.

According to PFA Director General Shoaib Khan Jadoon, a raid was conducted against the supplier in Bakar Mandi after receiving a tipoff, and a man was caught in the act. He claimed that five maunds of ill and subpar chicken had been transported into the city on a vehicle (SAB-1493) for distribution to various neighbourhood fast food joints and eateries.


According to PFA DG, using dead meat is unhealthy and unfit for human consumption. He issued a warning to butchers and meat suppliers, telling them to only sell the meat of healthy animals.

In other news, the PFA ceased a well-known confectionery group’s production in Lahore on Friday due to the use of expired ingredients in the making of sweets.

When PFA agents raided a factory that made sweets and pastries, they caught the employees in the act of making candies using semolina that had been infested with insects and expired, inferior food colours. During the raid, the team also noticed the lack of cleanliness.