Punjab Police have said in an official statement that their constable filmed beating a journalist, is mentally ill.

The video shows a police officer on a motorcycle being stopped by a journalist and questioned about the missing number plate of his vehicle. Upon confrontation, the policeman slaps the journalist. Later, he hits out at other people who tried to stop the feud. The video stoked outrage on social media, with many users condemning the brutality displayed by the officer and demanding that strict action be taken.

Punjab Police have released a statement on their Twitter account, while Inspector General Police (IGP) Dr Usman Anwar has also addressed the violent feud, saying that the police officer in question is a constable who is mentally ill, and is currently being provided treatment.


The constable has also been taking absences from his work, the police have said.

The IGP went on to talk about the launch of an initiative that involves psychosocial profiles of 200 police officers across the province, reassuring constables that the purpose of these measurements was to ensure that they were all screened against 10 conditions and that it will provide counselling and treatment to affected employees.