Television host Rabia Anum has schooled actress Iman aly for using ‘Khusra’ as a demeaning word on Vasay Chaudhary’s show.

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Koi aisay stupid actors ka moo band karwado yaar,” said Rabia while addressing Iman’s statement on her Instagram stories.


She further said: “Every other day some new level stupidity. Iman Aly now thinks ‘Khusra’ is okay to use as a demeaning word and these people are paid to be in these shows.”

Iman in her recent interview with Vasay Chaudhary opened up about the insecurities she has about her physical appearance.

“A lot of people tell me I’m beautiful, but when I look at myself in the mirror, I think all these people are lying,” said Iman.

“When people tell me you like your face and you just lie in front of us, it’s not so,” she added.


She continued “I don’t even take pictures because of my face because I don’t like any picture and that’s why I post very few pictures of myself on social media.”

The actress referred herself as a transgender, which lead Rabia to criticize Iman for using the term of transgender with a derogatory connotation.