Nicolas Puech, the 80-year-old heir to the French luxury brand Hermès fortune, is reportedly planning to give part of his wealth to his 51-year-old gardener, whom he also intends to legally adopt.

Swiss publication Tribune de Genève, cited by the New York Post, reports that the heir of the luxury brand is planning to pass his wealth to his “former gardener and handyman” from a “modest Moroccan family.”

Nicolas has already initiated the process of adoption. He is expected to pass down billions of dollars to the beloved gardener as he is unmarried and has no children of his own.


The gardener is reportedly married to a woman from Spain and has two children.

The wealth he is to pass on could be half of his inheritance. The heir, the fifth-generation descendant of Thierry Hermès, stands to pass down billions of dollars of the Hermès fortune, currently valued at over $220 billion. Puech reportedly owns between 5 percent and 6 percent of the house, which puts his net worth between $10-11 billion.

Puech also hopes to pass down $5.9 million in properties in Marrakesh, Morocco, and Montreux, Switzerland.