Ramsha Khan, whose clear and glowing skin we all envy, has spilled her skincare routine, sharing a step by step procedure on how she manages to maintain it.

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Sharing a video of her routine on Instagram, the Ishqiya star said: “I’ve mentioned this a lot of times in interviews.. I don’t have a skin care routine as such.”


“I don’t believe in 10 steps skincare routine that involves serums and stuff…because that has never worked for me,” she continued, adding: “I cannot stress enough on this – do not forget to moisturize and use sunblock. Also do not forget to take your vitamins.”

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Breaking down her skincare routine, the actor said: “My skincare regimen is:

  • Use [makeup removing] wipes
  • Wash face with face wash
  • Pat dry face with tissue paper
  • Moisturise and then wait for five minutes
  • Apply sunblock

Khan further said: “I usually take my vitamins in the morning. For now it’s just Vitamin C, but you [can] also take Biotin.”

“Drink lots of water and you are good to go like me,” she concluded.

Ramsha debuted in 2017 with the feature film Thora Jee Le and recently won hearts as Samia in the hit drama serial Ghisi Pitti Mohabbat. She also bagged ARY People’s Choice Award for Best Actor Female for her role in Ishqiya.