Take a flashback to the past few years, we have been observing the trend of airing sitcoms or romantic-comedy dramas on different channels during the month of Ramzan. Although this trend initially received much criticism. However, with the passage of time, people have started to enjoy watching these entertainment packages. Chupke Chupke and Tanaa Banaa of HUM TV are giving us laughter dose after every Iftaar, while Geo TV has given Ishq Jalebi

These dramas are offering comedy, controversies and family politics but they’ve also given us four delightful on-screen couples. Zain and Zoya from Tanaa Banaa, Hadi and Mishi, Meenu and Faazi/Ustaad Jee from Chupke Chupke and Basim and Bela from Ishq Tamasha.

Zain and Zoya

Zain (Danyal Zafar) is a young boy who fell in love with Zoya (Alizeh Shah) at first sight. The couple has interesting chemistry with Zain expressing all his love for Zoya and Zoya just starting to realise that how much Zain loves her. While Zoya is stubborn, Zain is a loving and caring husband. The two are poles apart and this keeps the drama interesting.


Hadi and Mishi

Arslan Naseer is playing the role of Hadi while Aymen Saleem is acting as Mishi in Chupke Chupke. There is a unique hidden chemistry between this couple that was initially growing in the form of one-sided love. But now that Hadi has also fallen in love with Mishi, this love story has taken a new turn and one of the reasons why you tune into Chupke Chupke every night.

Meenu and Faazi /Ustaad Jee

Ayeza Khan is playing as Meenu and Osman Khalid Butt is playing as Faaz aka Meenu’s Ustaad Jee. Faaz used to teach Meenu so she calls him Ustaad Jee. However, in a strange turn of event the two ended up getting married and while they were initially embarrassed by this development, they are now slowly beginning to catch feelings.

Faaz, who didn’t like Meenu for her carelessness and ignorance towards studies, is now falling for her innocence. Meenu too has started to like him and their cute ways of showing affection is making the drama more interesting. With many twists and turns, their wedding is at stake and everyone is eager to see what will happen next and what new problem will arise for the newly weds.


Basim and Bela

Ishq Jalebi stars the Madiha Imam and Wahaj Ali in leading roles. Basim who is on the lookout for a shortcut to go abroad is in cahoots with Bela (Madiha Imam). She is his sidekick, best friend, and partner in crime in all that he does and also his maternal cousin who was orphaned as a child and lives with them. While Basim may not have realised how much Bela truly loves him, we the audiences can definitely see it and are absolutely loving the chemistry the two have with each other. With scenes that will make your heart have a happy dance, these two stars are a treat to watch and we’re anxious to see what Ishq Jalebi has in store for them next.

While each couple has its own charm, my favourite has to be Meenu and Faazi. Both Osman and Ayeza have brought Meenu and Faazi to life brilliantly. Very much like Faaz, I used to detest Meenu and didn’t want him to marry her. But as the story progressed, I am also enjoying their naivety, blamelessness and non-romantic fondness. Looking forward to seeing how they will cross all obstacles among them and finally become husband and wife.