Utility Stores Corporation of Pakistan (USC) will sell various food items at prices cheaper than the open market through its country-wide retail outlets as a part of its Ramzan Relief Package.

The state-owned enterprise is offering discounted prices for 19 food items besides 1,500 total items that will be available at 4,000 stores throughout the holy month of Ramzan.

Consumers will pay Rs950 for a 20-kilogram wheat flour bag under the package, instead of its original price of Rs1100-1350. Similarly, one kilogramme (kg) of sugar would be offered at Rs85 instead of Rs86-93. One kg of subsidized ghee costs Rs260 at USC, whereas edible ghee costs Rs470 on the open market.


The price of one liter of cooking oil at USC is Rs407, while the open market is offering the same at Rs500.

Likewise, one kg of daal channa costs Rs162 at USC, while it is being sold at Rs180-190 on the open market. Similarly, a kg of dal moong (washed) costs Rs170, and the open market sells it for Rs180-200 per kg. Washed daal mash costs Rs268 at USC, as compared to its price of Rs280-320 on the open market.

Furthermore, one kg of daal masoor costs Rs215 at USC, instead of Rs250-280 in the open market. Sella rice will cost Rs165 per kg, basmati rice Rs155 per kg, and tota rice Rs85 per kg.

The dates will cost Rs140 per kg, whereas dates on the general market will continue selling for Rs200 and Rs240. The 950gm tea pack costs Rs1,042 at USC, in contrast to its price of Rs1,250 in the open market.

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Ultra-high temperature (UHT) or pasteurized milk at USC is offered at USC for Rs142, and costs Rs165 in the general market. Squashes are sold for Rs250 instead of Rs290, and squashes and syrups (1,500 ml) are available for Rs437, compared to the original price of Rs495 in the open market.