Bollywood star Ranbir Kapoor was a guest on the BBC Asian Network where while promoting his upcoming movie ‘Tu Jhooti Mein Makaar’, the actor opened up about the birth of his daughter, Raha.
Kapoor and actor Alia Bhatt got married last year and announced that they were pregnant in June. They told their fans the name they had chosen for their baby in an Instagram post.

Speaking on how fatherhood had changed him, Kapoor revealed that he was feeling overwhelmed with the amount of love he felt for his baby:
“There’s nothing that matters anymore but yet everything matters also. It’s a new emotion and it’s something that even I’m scared to talk about because it fills you up so much that you get scared thinking ‘will this go away?’”

Kapoor also confessed that the love he felt towards his daughter was not something he had experienced before.
“In the back of my mind I know there’s one thing that’s gonna live eternally with me till the day I die which is the love, and joy and the gratefulness that I feel. I haven’t felt that towards anything, any person, any movie, anything professionally,” the new father said.



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