Iconic Bollywood couple Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone were the first guests on Season 8 of Koffee With Karan, where the duo spilled secrets about their relationship. This marks the first time the two made an appearance together as a married couple on television.

Speaking about how they got engaged, Ranveer revealed he had proposed to Deepika back in 2015 by popping the question at a gorgeous location. The ‘Rocky and Rani’ actor said that after consulting his mother and sister, he purchased the ring that was “far above my means at the time.”

As reported by India Today, the actor and Deepika were set to leave for a vacation to Maldives. They were on a boat ride when Ranveer got down on one knee with the ring and proposed.


‘We go to the Maldives. And I’ve secretly carried the ring with me. We do the sandbank adventure. A boat takes us out in the middle of the sea and there’s just one tiny sliver of sand in the middle and all around is just infinite sea. They drop you there and put up a tent. It was literally just her and me in the middle of the sea. I was like, this is just perfect”

Ranveer recalled Deepika was overwhelmed with emotions because she was shocked, and said yes right away.

The couple further revealed that convincing Deepika’s parents was the hardest part of their journey. Deepika recalled that they met her at parents after returning from Maldives, and went directly to Padukone’s house in Bangalore. Ranveer said he had prepped everything to tell her family:

”We’re having this wonderful evening. I am trying to charm them. Then she whispered ‘I am going to tell them now’ and I was like ‘Don’t’ ”.

Deepika opened up how she blurted the news out during dinner, and her mother’s face “had just gone cold”, Ranveer mentioned.

”After all the hugs and celebrations, I’ve gone to my room and I put my ear to the door. Outside, Amma and Deepika are having it out. She’s (Deepika’s mother) saying ‘Who is this guy? He’s proposed marriage and you’ve said yes also?’ Is this any way?’ With my ear on the door, I was like ‘God save us’ ”.

But despite her initial concerns, Deepika said her mother truly loves Ranveer now.

“It took a lot of years and work on my part to make a place in Amma’s heart. It has happened. And I am one of Amma’s favourite people in the world.”

Perhaps what was even more wholesome about this entire interview was when the couple released a snippet of their wedding video during the episode. Watch and weep at your own risk.