The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has issued new provisions for airlines after a sharp increase in coronavirus cases. The decision came after many violations in SOP’s not being followed were reported.

Airlines have been instructed to keep 20 per cent of their seats vacant and ensure social distancing between passengers. As per new directives, airlines violating the orders will be fined. Airport managers have been tasked to ensure that the SOPs are being followed.

Earlier this week, the authority began rapid Covid-19 testing of international passengers at airports across Pakistan. According to the Health Ministry, through these tests, coronavirus reports will be obtained within 20 minutes.


If reports are positive, passengers will have to isolate at a quarantine center at their own expense. Those who test negative will be allowed to go home but will have to stay indoors for a week.

On May 1, the government decided to reduce inbound international flights to 20 per cent of the current measure.