With the rising prices of new cars rendering them unaffordable for many, even owners of older vehicles have begun to demand surprisingly high prices for their decades-old vehicles. In Rawalpindi, a seller recently posted an advertisement on the online buying and selling platform OLX Pakistan, listing a basic 1995 manual Honda Civic EXI at a staggering price of Rs1.5 million.

The Current contacted him to ask if the price was a mistake. He confidently said it wasn’t and truly thinks his well-kept car is worth the Rs1.5 million price. He’s received many offers and a lot of interest in his nearly 30-year-old car. He also mentioned that he’s the third owner of this 1995 Honda Civic.

It is noteworthy that a mere two years ago, cars of the same model year were being listed on online marketplaces for a significantly lower price, less than Rs600,000. However, the present scenario witnesses a surge in the asking price for these vehicles.


This trend is not exclusive to a particular model but rather extends to nearly all used cars, given that even the cheapest car from Pak Suzuki Motors, the Suzuki Alto, now commands a price of nearly Rs3 million. Consequently, a considerable number of individuals, constrained by budgetary limitations, opt for pre-owned cars.

While the price might raise eyebrows for a car of this kind, die-hard Honda Civic enthusiasts might willingly pay this hefty amount. That’s especially true if the car’s condition lives up to the seller’s claims.

Given its popularity among Pakistan’s racing community and its appeal to those wanting to build a car from scratch, the price could find its justified niche.