With the monsoon rains lashing their fury throughout the country, the northern areas are experiencing heavy landsliding. And considering it is the summer (and holiday) season, loads of Pakistanis were enjoying the weather up north. As they made their way back to their cities, the climatic changes brought some problems for them.

The heavy rains have caused land sliding which has resulted in unsafe and blocked roads. Many tourists were stuck in their cars until a restaurant in Baser “Moon Restaurant”  became their safe haven.

Considering that Moon Restaurant was a restaurant, not a hotel, the owners were quick to lay out charpaais for the stranded tourists. The tourists were also served warm halwa and tea. The restaurant’s management did not charge anything for their occupancy.  The management of the restaurant handled the situation so well that the people couldn’t stop praising it.


Realising that they were stuck there for a while, the tourists started to share blankets, quilts, and warm clothes. Tourists left the next morning with a wonderful experience that leaves anyone all warm and fuzzy inside.